Annelids MOD APK v1.116.6 (Unlimited Health/Weapons)

Action games have risen to the challenge of growing interest among masses and have worked hard to satisfy the needs of the target customers. This genre on Android offers games on almost every front from first person shooting games to zombie apocalypse to WWII storyline etc. After the intense titles became a norm the developers went to 3D simulated action comedy games and covered them as well. Given all this backstory and competition in Android world the developers have to come up with something new and exciting every now and then. Say hello to Annelids MOD APK which is a fresh entry and a whole new different take on the subject. Annelids is a game where worms fight another under sand and the user has to play using a worm, dig sand, get collectibles and kill the other worms. Sounds unique? It sure is!

NameAnnelids MOD APK
PublisherMichal SRB
Google Play LinkDownload From Google Play
RequiresAndroid 6.0 And Above
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money & Health, Multiple Game Modes, All Weapons Unlocked, No Ads
Updated7 Days Ago
Rating On Google Play4.4
Rating Count on Google Play473,027
PriceUSD 0
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Annelids MOD APK Introduction

Annelids APK MOD is a whole new thing in the action category and certainly feels like a breath of fresh air. Michal SRB have designed this game based on a brilliant peculiar idea. The concept behind the game is completely new and one would not find many games based on this notion. The idea is that the game is under the sand and there are different worms spread across the map. All worms start digging the sand and clear the path to move around and once they come face to face with the other worm, one who kills the other one wins.

A worm has to kill every other worm in this fashion to win the game. The graphics of this game are decent enough but since the concept is so different and amusing, decent graphics do the job perfectly fine here. The game is pretty well received and has seen millions of downloads across all Android devices. The game play of Annelids is quite terrific and let’s head over to the section below and see the details.

annelids mod apk extra weapons offline

Annelids MOD APK Gameplay

Worms fighting for the survival does not feel enticing and interesting but this game is a whole lot more than its concept. The game starts with a dramatic music that leads the user to believe this is an intense game and by the looks of game menu and all, it sure does. The game does give such vibes during the game play but since it’s all about worms and sand the user does not feel the same adrenaline pumping experience which is the case otherwise.

The 2023 version of the game starts with the map fully filled with sand and worms in different parts of it. The worms start clearing the path and find different collectibles and valuables on their way. There are stones and rocks beneath there as well which can’t be cut through so the worms have to go around them to proceed. When two worms come across each other they can spit, fire and even attack with rockets to kill the evil counterpart. The worms can throw ropes to climb up some place and jump on rocks to use the position to their advantage. All this versatility brings a lot to the game and instills a lot of fun.

Annelids hack MOD APK introduces a bunch of modified features as well which bring a lot more to the original version of the game. These additional things are not a part of the original game so these are welcome changes in this regard. These features include unlimited money and health, all weapons unlocked and introduction of MOD menu among other things. Interested in knowing what other features are included in this version? We have listed the details below.

annelids mod apk extra weapons unlocked

Annelids APK Features

Annelids has a bunch of smart quirky features to offer which makes the game a lot more fun to play and experience. Major features of the game are listed below and it is advised to go through them before getting started with the game.

Different Gaming Modes

This is undoubtedly the best part of this game. It offers tons of different gaming modes just like Jurassic Survival MOD APK for the users to enjoy and experience the game. Let’s see them what these are:

  • Conquest Mode: This is where gamers from all parts of the world join and fight against one another in a series of contests. There is a leader board in place as well where players fight to take the lead.
  • Team Mode: The death match mode converts the game into team mode the players compete in the form of a team.
  • King of The Hill: Run against the clock, find collectibles to take advantage, act swiftly to advance and kill the opponents to win the game.

Graphics Quality And Video Prowess

There is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to video prowess of the game as it does not need to do much to impress the user. The quality is crispy clear though and items like sand grains and rocks are clearly identifiable. Audio is super cool in Annelids MOD APK 2023 as the music changes according to the situation of the game. The adaptability makes the user feel more connected to the game on a personal level.

annelids mod apk latest version

Tons of Missions And Levels

There are around 70 odd different levels and missions to accomplish for the user and they differ in versatility and difficulty from one another. This is a huge number and the game does not end anytime soon as it is not easy to clear all levels in a short time. It requires skills, advanced combat equipment and effort to clear them and it takes time. This is great for both the developer and the user.

Customization Galore

Annelids offers any and every customization that one can think of. It absolutely is crazy astonishing seeing how the entire outlook of the game can be changed by touch of a button. The user can change the look and feel of the terrain or change the outfit of the worm they use to play. If this is not enough then the rope to climb and rockets to fire can both be swapped among different options. Every element of the game can be changed according to the user’s will.

annelids mod apk mod menu

Annelids MOD APK Features

The modified features of the game are like icing on the cake and instill a creative flair in the already great game. It is important to know what the features are so the user can make use of them during the game play. Let’s have a quick look before heading to the game.

Unlimited Money

Users need money and coins to upgrade the worm capabilities and unlock advance levels. This can be done by playing the game over and over again to gather cash or spend real money to get game funds. Annelids MOD APK unlimited money version of the game offers endless cash and coins to the users to spend in the game and buy or upgrade anything they want.

Unlimited Health

What if we said you can get attacked in the game and not get killed at all? Sounds too good to be true? This actually is what Annelids MOD APK unlimited health version of the game offers. The health meter never falls from full and no matter how much the worm gets attacked, the bar never falls down and the user can play freely.

MOD Menu Activated

Not many are aware of the MOD menu feature in APK world. Annelids APK MOD menu version of the game introduces a brand new menu in the main game play with new options and features. Some of these new options include different camera view angles, replay mode and ability to toggle various options during game play. Sounds interesting? Download and play the game to find out more.

All Weapons Unlocked

Worms need weapons to kill the opponents and the game only offers basic ones at the start. It takes time to unlock advanced weaponry or sometimes cost real money to do so. Annelids MOD APK unlock all weapons mode removes all sorts of restriction and makes all weapons available from the beginning. This is a huge bonus and helps the user to annihilate the opponents quickly and win the game emphatically.

annelids mod apk unlimited health

Our Experience With Annelids MOD APK

This is the part where we present our findings about the MOD we offer. Our team tests the MOD in detail, try all the features and install it on different devices to check compatibility and game play etc. We make sure the APK we present works flawlessly on Android devices and delivers on all fronts. We do this testing in house so that our readers can go ahead and install it without any apprehension. Read below what we found about this MOD.

Annelids MOD APK latest version is a new concept altogether that takes ideas from different genres. We loved our time with this fun action game with worms spitting out rockets at opponents. We played in multiplayer mode for the most part as it was more fun. The game runs cooler on the mid-range device and does not affect battery life much. The MOD menu adds a lot of new stuff and we loved our experience with the game. Graphics should be made a tad better for better game play but we are not losing our breath over it.

How To Install MOD APK In Your Android Phone

Let’s go through simple steps of how to install MOD APK file on your android device.

  1. Go to security settings in your phone and toggle ‘allow installation of apps from unknown sources.’
  2. Download the APK file
  3. If you have already downloaded the file then you can locate it on your phone
  4. Install and enjoy the game!

Annelids MOD APK Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does this game require internet connection to play?

A. No, it does not. You can play the game without active internet connection and even on airplane mode and it will work just fine.

Q. Any reported bugs or malware warnings I should be aware of?

A. Download, install and play the game without any apprehensions. This MOD is clean and 100% working without any problems. 

beautiful maps


Annelids MOD APK is a peculiar new idea and superb execution of that unique proposition. It offers sublime game play of worms using modern tactics and techniques to kill the evil counterparts. MOD features on the top of all this make the game completely irresistible to play. We highly recommend giving this game a go. Interested in more such games? Vector 2 MOD APK is the game we highly recommend. Have a go at it and let us know how much did you like it. Looking forward to your comments down below.

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