GTA 5 MOD APK v2.00 (All Unlocked)

This game needs no introduction whatsoever. GTA 5 MOD APK is a well-known game for its massive open-world gameplay that was developed and published by Rockstar Games. The game gives you complete freedom to roam anywhere and avail of its unlimited entertainment. It will take players on dangerous and thrilling adventures involving criminal activities carried out by various underworld gangs. GTA allows the player to participate in some of the mafia gang’s most renowned acts and dive into the danger zone. However, players have complete control over the gameplay and can do whatever they want.

PublisherRockstar Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0 And Above
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, All Weapons & Locations Unlocked
Updated8 Days Ago
Rating Count701,404
PriceUSD 0
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GTA 5 MOD APK Introduction

In GTA 5 MOD 2023, players can live a life of criminal that is full of action and adventure to keep the players entertained. The attractive graphics and outstanding sound quality add to the enjoyment of this masterpiece. The makers of this game go by the name of Rockstar Games.

The players can explore the unique world from three different characters’ perspectives: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Each character has a different fate, yet their mission system is complicated enough to broaden their horizons. You will get all the pro features without paying even a penny from or MOD version.

GTA 5 MOD APK Gameplay

GTA 5 APK MOD no verification is an action-adventure game with first-person and third-person perspectives. The plot is set in Los Santos, a fictional metropolis based in Los Angeles. Three criminals are the main characters, and the missions revolve around robbery sequences that include driving and shooting. Aside from the missions, players are free to explore the city. The game’s fictional universe is rather extensive, and there are various sites to visit.

Players can participate in sports such as scuba diving and BASE jumping on their adventures. You can also invest in the stock market or purchase real estate in GTA 5 MOD APK 2023. Players use weapons and explosives to attack on anyone. When a player commits a crime, the Wanted Meter appears on the Head-Up Display, suggesting that the authorities look for him.

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GTA 5 MOD APK Features

GTA is undoubtedly a famous game because of its open-world locations and providing the best features to give the players a real-life perspective. It will give you excellent customization options and features that are listed below:

Interactive Environment

The best thing about tGTA 5 MOD APK 2023 is that the player’s interaction with the environment is enhanced, which gives a more realistic experience and smoother mobility than ever before. You can drive whatever you see on the road and begin engaging with the game’s world. Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK is another game that is full of activities once you get into it. We highly suggest you give it a try,

Realistic & Optimized Graphics

If players switch to the first-person perspective, GTA V uses a realistic and vibrant graphics engine in detail to make the game more immersive. A few graphical mods will be included in the game to improve the visual quality of everything so that gamers may enjoy and get addicted to it.

Explore The City

The game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos, based in Los Angeles. The player will tour the city to complete missions that have been assigned to them. They will have to wander the city to obtain various types of cars and weaponry.

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Three Different Characters

There will be three main characters in this game, and the player will have to swap between them to perform the various tasks assigned to them. All of these characters are distinct from one another. These individuals will be portrayed as criminals. They must complete missions like shooting individuals and driving to various destinations.

In-Depth Scenarios in GTA 5 MOD APK

GTA V will surprise players with a genuinely constructed mission system. It also incorporates various appealing and intense components to introduce players to all of the game’s mechanisms. Everything is quite well-developed, giving each player’s action or scenario a lot of depth and possibility.

Weapons And Vehicles

As a criminal, you will undoubtedly want guns and transportation to escape from a location. In this game, you can get weapons and cards by stealing them from others, and you can also buy weapons and cars through the game’s store. The more weaponry you have, the more the chances of your survival in the game. Sniper 3D MOD APK is another title with full of range weaponry. You’d definitely want to check it out.

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Free To Download

You will not have to pay even a penny to download the GTA 5.

Updated Regularly

We update GTA 5 MOD version regularly to give you a bug-free gaming experience.

Role-Playing Gameplay in GTA 5 MOD APK

GTA V features thrilling adventure gameplay involving Mafia-related unlawful activities. The player will be required to complete several tasks assigned by the gang. The player’s life will always be at risk during these assignments. Aside from the dangerous missions, the player can enjoy their freedom by participating in various Adventures such as scuba diving, leaping, etc.


Ads are always annoying for everyone because they create an irritating interruption while playing the games. That’s why we offer an ad-free version of GTA 5 that you will never ever encounter with even a single ad.

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Multiplayer Mode in GTA 5 MOD APK 2023

There is also an online multiplayer feature in GTA V, where players can compete with other gamers worldwide. Because players are constantly killing each other to gain greater strength, the online mode is proved to be interesting and chaotic. You can compete with your friends or invite strangers to join your online multiplayer mode to get more excitement.

Unlimited Money

In this game, you will need to purchase expensive vehicles, bikes, and clothing; the GTA 5 APK MOD will offer you unlimited. To earn money, you must accomplish the missions, which are extremely difficult to do. However, GTA 5 MOD APK unlimited money is available for free in the modded version.

Unlocked Weapons And Locations

You will also have free access to all locked weapons and locations in the modified version. This will help you to roam anywhere you want in the game and use any weapon you want.

Cheat Codes

GTA 5 mobile is also very famous for giving the best cheat codes that give funny and marvelous results that will blow your mind. Thousands of cheat codes are available to use and achieve the next level of excitement.


Our Experience With GTA 5 MOD APK

This is the part where we present our findings about the MOD we offer. Our team tests the MOD in detail, try all the features and install it on different devices to check compatibility and game play etc. We make sure the APK we present works flawlessly on Android devices and delivers on all fronts. We do this testing in house so that our readers can go ahead and install it without any apprehension. Read below what we found about this MOD.

We found the GTA 5 APK latest version to be quite enjoyable. The MOD is easy to install and use because it doesn’t require root access. The gameplay is also unique, giving the chance to explore the city without any limitation. We liked the fact that we could play against other players online. The graphics are quite realistic, and everything gives a realistic look, from cars to buildings, guns, characters, and the whole atmosphere. Bottom line is that this game is one of the finest in its genre and ace the parameters like graphics, game play and attention to detail. We at APK Reservoir highly recommend this game folks. Why wait? Let’s get started then.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can we play this game offline?

A. Sure, you can try it out offline.

Q. Do we need to root our device to install this MOD?

A. No, you do not require root access to install this MOD.


This game is ideal for everyone who has ever been fascinated by living life in the underworld. It is well-designed and meticulously detailed, that can attract people of all ages. Don’t think too much, and get the GTA 5 MOD APK from our website to play without any limitation. Looking for more titles in this genre? Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK is the one folks. We highly suggest you check this title out and let us know in the comments below.

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