Off The Road MOD APK v1.12.2 (Unlimited Coins/Cars)

Games are fun, we know that, right? But Android games and especially racing games are a lot fun these days. Off The Road MOD APK is a brand new off-road driving game that offers players challenging game play to explore. Drive a real off-road race car as you get to travel through various terrains and complete missions. You may also buy and upgrade new vehicles at our store anytime. Thus, you will unlock more interesting roads and follow the tracks.

Off The Road features real-world environments and vehicles, all recreated from uncompromisingly accurate data. In addition to that, it also features a variety of routes and tracks that allow the players to travel in new areas and enjoy exciting adventures. This game also features an interesting story mode, as players can explore and immerse themselves into their own off-road stories.

NameOff The Road MOD APK
PublisherDogByte Games
Google Play LinkDownload From Google Play
RequiresAndroid 4.4 And Above
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Trophies, Cars, Trucks
Updated3 Days Ago
Rating On Google Play4.4
Rating Count on Google Play395,018
PriceUSD 0
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Off The Road MOD APK Introduction

If you have ever played any off-road racing games, you will know how rudimentary they are. Off The Road MOD APK 2023 is a new and exciting racing game that offers players a vast range of terrains and tracks to explore. Drive over all kinds of terrain and complete any mission, as you go through all kinds of obstacles on every track to earn your place in the top ranking. The game has been designed by DogByte Games. You can check their profile here.

Off The Road offers you an excellent vehicle control system, unlike other racing games. This game has a realistic simulation engine that allows you to drive with very high precision and agility as you race through the tracks. In addition to that, there are many different vehicles available in our game store, as you can unlock new ones by purchasing them. As time goes on, more exciting vehicles will be added to our game store. Thus, it will be fun for the players to follow the tracks and try out all of the new vehicles available in Off The Road!

Off The Road MOD APK Gameplay

In Off The Road APK MOD your mission is to race a real off-road race car as you get to travel through various terrains and complete missions. There are many different tracks available in the game so that you can try out different cars on the tracks. In addition to that, many special instruments will also be added to the game.

To unlock more tracks, you may also need to buy and upgrade new vehicles in our store anytime. Thus, you will unlock more interesting roads and follow the tracks. Your main goal is to collect all of the stars on every track in every race and attempt different types of missions.

Multiplayer Mode

Off The Road MOD APK Features

Off The Road MOD APK 2023 is a superb game with amazing gameplay folks. It is a feature list so lengthy it would take considerable amount of time to list all of them. But we have listed the major ones below. Do go through them before getting started.

Ultimate Driving Adventure

You never thought a racing game that takes you off of the main roads could be this beautiful. Off The Road is a suite of exciting adventure games with different game modes to explore, ranging from easy to intermediate to hard and advanced mode. Want to drift and have some fascinating experience while doing it? Try out Drift Max World MOD APK folks!

Multiple-Selection Different Vehicles

Drive your way through over thirty real off-road races! Explore new roads and discover new tracks with hundreds of vehicles to unlock. Complete missions like drag races, drift races and more to earn stars.

Specially Designed for Grip

A beginner can fly off-road during sliding action with a wide range of solid controls and marvelous jumps. Advanced racers can overcome obstacles with driving skills, practice and feedback. It is an experience of control and stability or fully customizes your driving style as you fluctuate through 60 frames per second.

Realistic Terrain

As you race through the tracks, you will find yourself driving on various terrains, such as through river beds, through a marshland, on and off of snowy mountain slopes. All of this is as real as it gets!

off the road apk mod

Real-time Multiplayer

Driving with a friend or in a group is always more fun! You can experience Off The Road’s realistic off-road races and join the multiplayer mode at any time. Whether you’re with a group of friends or racing for the first time, you’ll be hooked by the off-road adventure in no time!

High-Quality Graphics in Off The Road MOD APK 2023

Off The Road has been designed with the ultimate graphics to provide you with an immersive and amazing gaming experience. Its beautiful graphics will match your screen and make you feel like you’re out there in the real world.

Day & Night Cycle

Don’t like the weather when you start a new session? Well, you can select the time of day easily in the options screen or even see it change as the game progresses. All set for you in Off The Road!

Open-World Gameplay

Off The Road is an open world when you play, so you’re free to enjoy the game without any limitations. If you want to practice in an off-road race, choose one of the many challenging tracks and see how far you can get! Even pick up a new vehicle that suits your style of play and earn stars to unlock more vehicles.

off the road mod apk latest version

Transport Goods in Off The Road MOD APK

As a driver, you need to ensure that your cargo is kept safe as you race through urban areas and off-road tracks. Drive carefully but push your limits to achieve the maximum profit. Be sure to keep an eye on the cargo in Off The Road – there’s no re-balancing of the load!

Mud Physics

Once in the mud, off-road racing gets even more exciting and challenging as traction decreases. Try to maintain control of your vehicle at all times as you slide and bounce through the mud.

Unlimited Coins in Off The Road MOD APK

As you race through the stages, try to reach the fastest time possible by ranking up and collecting coins. Once you have all the coins, you can unlock new vehicles that all feature different stats and characteristics. And if you can’t, don’t worry because Off The Road MOD APK Unlimited Money has infinite coins for you.

Off The Road Mod Apk unlocked all cars

All Trophies Unlocked

This is the hardest part in Off The Road because some of the trophies are hard to unlock. We provide all the trophies in Off The Road, including in every mission and game mode, so you don’t have to worry about unlocking all the trophies unlocked. Hashiriya Drifter MOD APK offers unlocked stuff as well folks. Feel free to check it out as well.

Drive Boats & Helicopters

Not only do you have to be a good driver on the road in Off The Road MOD APK 2023, but you need to master driving boats and helicopters too. You can drive that boat or helicopter as long as you like and complete the mission.

Off The Road MOD APK Video

Our Experience With Off The Road MOD APK

This is the part where we present our findings about the MOD we offer. Our team tests the MOD in detail, try all the features and install it on different devices to check compatibility and game play etc. We make sure the APK we present works flawlessly on Android devices and delivers on all fronts. We do this testing in house so that our readers can go ahead and install it without any apprehension. Read below what we found about this MOD.

Among the different off-road racing games, Off the Road MOD APK Latest Version was always on the top for our team to play. But because it was always too difficult to play this game, we couldn’t pass the test of time, but finally, we are sharing the modified version for you guys.

We hope to provide a better game experience for all of you by modifying the original off-road racing, and we hope you will like this mod. Bottom line is that this game is one of the finest in its genre and ace the parameters like graphics, game play and attention to detail. We at APK Reservoir highly recommend this game folks. Why wait? Let’s get started then.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does this mod work with my current Off The Road game?

A. This mod is the original version of the game, but with modified content and paid features unlocked.

Q. Are there any bugs or glitches?

A. None, everything is working perfectly fine, we tested the game on high-end devices, and it works fine.

Q. Does this mod require any special permissions to use?

A. This mod does not require any special permissions to use, but for this mod to work for you, you should have Android 4.4 or above.

Q. Does this support multiplayer?

A. Yes, it does. You can play multiplayer if you have an active internet connection.


At last, we would say that if you are interested in off-road racing games, then this is a MUST HAVE. You can’t resist the fun of racing off-road, especially in Off The Road MOD APK. Get ready for some intense driving challenges, packed with excitement and challenges. Besides that, we are very confident that you will enjoy this mod, and we do hope that you will love this mod. Do let us know in the comments below. Also check out Assoluto Racing MOD APK, a racing game we highly recommend. You are going to have a great time playing it.

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