1v1 LOL MOD APK v4.27 (Unlimited Money/Aimbot)

Last updated on August 26th, 2022

Numerous types of action games are available on the market in this era. 1v1 LOL MOD APK is a shooting simulator game was created by JustPlay.LOL. It is a life-threatening game where you participate in a battle between armed robots. The player’s main objective is to defeat the opponent and construct a wall of protection. In this game, players can engage in multiplayer warfare using different game Modes. You must not only defeat the opponents but also construct secret spells for yourself by using the latest tools and supplies given in the game.

PublisherJust Play LOL
Google Play LinkDownload From Google Play
RequiresAndroid 4.4 And Above
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money & Aimbot, No Ads, Premium Resources Available
Updated7 Days Ago
Rating On Google Play4.4
Rating Count on Google Play535,726
PriceUSD 0
1v1 lol apk mod

1V1 LOL MOD APK MOD APK Introduction

In 1V1 LOL APK MOD, you aim to quickly eliminate the opponent and make your robot the last one standing in the combat for attempting to be the ultimate winner. Finish out your opponents fast and construct the safe zone. Simultaneously, you have to work hard to enhance the fighting experience. The game is designed by the folks at Just Play LOL.

You must try to shoot down your opponent every time you build a sheltering wall. Players can use the in-game 3D visuals to examine their surroundings to keep an eye on the opponent. Try to shoot them rapidly; otherwise, your opponent will be able to trounce you.


The gameplay is remarkable and gives a unique shooting experience. You will immediately begin playing in the lobby, where you must select the type of game Mode you want to play. Each Mode of them gives you the ability to practice your construction techniques. The entire game is enjoyable, with the exception of the quick rounds. You simply jump in and engage in head-to-head combat with one or more opponents at once. Many weapons are also available that help you shoot opponents more easily. Players also have to construct a sheltering wall to stop the opponents’ attack and try to shoot as fast as possible to take down their opponents.

1v1 lol mod apk aimbot


As we all know, people are always looking for fresh and exciting features in shooting games. To that end, the 1v1 LOL APK MOD introduced the top-notch features and customizable options that take the gameplay to the next level of excitement. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Attractive Graphics

This game has a stunning 3D graphic design with special effects. It provides a realistic environment in which gamers can enjoy the game. This is known as the crucial component in every shooting game. Critical Strike MOD APK also offers stunning graphics and we would love for you to give it a try.

Shelter Construction

The players must construct shelter walls to protect them from the opponent’s bullets. They can build strong bases with the use of different tools and equipment. You are free to build anything you want. It would be best to consider how these shelters could help you avoid the hostile shots because a safe shelter can help you defeat the opponent more quickly.

1v1 lol mod apk all skins unlocked

Various Game Modes

The game has five primary game Modes:

1.     Battle Royale

2.     1v1

3.     Box 2v2

4.     Practice

5.     Party

Robot Battles in 1v1 LOL MOD APK

1v1 LOL is a survival shooting adventure game in which armed robots fight in a series of fierce battles. Players will not only fight here, but they will also create hiding spots for protecting themselves. You will control your robot in a third-person view as it joins the battlefield against a swarm of other robots. The players will need to build front lines and shelters to protect themselves during the continuous combat using all the resources and equipment available to them.

Simple & Easy Controls

The controls in 1v1 LOL are quite simple as it has automatic pointing and shooting capabilities. Instead of aiming at targets, the player’s robot will concentrate on movement, weapon selection, and constructing protective barriers. Dino Hunter MOD APK also offers intuitive controls and we have had a blast playing that game.

Customizing The HUD

The HUD can also be customized in 1v1 LOL. It gives you complete freedom over how to organize and reposition the control buttons on the screen. If you are familiar with any certain style, change the button as per your preferences.

Build fights

Hit Trick Shots in 1v1 LOL MOD APK 2022

Players must make fantastic trick shots to hit the right target in a different direction in 1v1 LOL MOD APK all skins unlocked. Learn these strategies to increase your incentives and awards. They are regularly included in missions so you can finish them and collect your loot.

Immersive Building Systems

The game offers a stunning building system in which players must construct their own battleground while fending off many enemies. Thanks to the architectural patterns of each variety as it helps the players will have fresh ideas to demonstrate their incredible talents in this ground-breaking and inventive game.

Multiple Costumes 

In addition to the thrill of the battlefield it invites players to amuse themselves with original outfits and effects. Players can freely tweak them to create unique combinations for memorable moments. They have a variety of attributes that enhance the appearance of the character. Players can look for additional skins easily in uncommon prizes, shops, and events.

Get Unlimited Money

You will have unlimited money if you download 1v1 LOL MOD APK unlimited money from our website. You can spend this money to get whatever you want in the game.

Hit trick shots

Use Unlimited Aimbot

1v1 LOL MOD APK aimbot is a beautiful feature that allows you to use unique weaponry. Because of this feature, you can hide behind the shelter wall, gaze into it, and shoot your enemies without being detected.

No Ads

It is quite frustrating for players when ads appear in between the game. If you want to eliminate all the annoying ads, you could download the MOD version, which is entirely ad-free.

1v1 LOL MOD APK Video

Our Experience With 1v1 LOL MOD APK

This is the part where we present our findings about the MOD we offer. Our team tests the MOD in detail, try all the features and install it on different devices to check compatibility and game play etc. We make sure the APK we present works flawlessly on Android devices and delivers on all fronts. We do this testing in house so that our readers can go ahead and install it without any apprehension. Read below what we found about this MOD.

After playing 1v1 LOL MOD APK 2022 and found it very entertaining and thrilling. The graphics are also very unique, and the gameplay is extraordinary, that didn’t offer by any other shooting game. The MOD version is incredibly simple to install and use because it doesn’t need root access. The best feature is to build the shelters with striking structures that enhance architectural skills. In short, it is a unique shooting game that makes our boring time entertaining. After all this detail we are positive you are getting started with this game right away, and you should. The game is plenty fun and interesting and you are going to have a great time for sure.

After all this detail we are positive you are getting started with this game right away, and you should. The game is plenty fun and interesting and you are going to have a great time for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do I need root access to use this MOD?

A. No, it does not require root access, and you may play it like other games.

Q. In 1v1 LOL, how can I obtain unlimited money?

A. Get the modified version from our website, and you will get not only unlimited money but also all the premium features free of cost.

Q. Does this game have an offline Mode?

A. The most astonishing thing about this game is that it is available offline. You can play it whenever you like without connecting your device to the internet.


Do you want to be the best shooter in the world? Download 1v1 LOL MOD APK right now, join the best shooting battles and eliminate all opponents with enhanced skills. The game promises to provide an incredible environment that give you a memorable experience. Shoot down all the opponents and become the unbreakable pro player. Looking for more games in this genre? World War Heroes MOD APK is the one and it is one of the finest games around in first person shooting. Definitely give it a go guys. Have fun!

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