How To Sideload APK On Android

Android games have evolved big time lately and offer a lot more to the user than in the past. As the smartphones and tablets have become more powerful over the years, the games have also caught up to the new technology and have incorporated latest elements in them.

The games have not only improved visually but the storyline has been rich lately as well. Ultra high end graphics make the game look real and life like accompanied with amazing audio quality. Games today follow rules of Physics better than ever which makes them real interesting to play and enjoy.

Here’s where MOD APKs take this fun and adventure to a whole new level. These APKs offer free resources and elevated level of gameplay that help the player enjoy the game to its full potential. But one would need to know how to side load an APK on their gadget. Below you are going to find all the details regarding this.


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Steps To Install MOD APK on Your Device

Here is how you can install an APK that you download from APK Reservoir on your device.

Enable Permission

Google has changed how sideloading an app works on Android. Previously, you’d need to enable the option once and it’d enable it globally. This means you could use any means necessary to download the app and install on your phone. Now, you need to permit a specific browser or file explorer to install the app and every other app would remain blocked.

If You Are Running Android 8 to 11

Open Settings > Apps & Notifications. Go to Advanced section and tap on Special App Access. A new page will open and you’d need to scroll down to the bottom and tap on Install Unknown Apps. After that you can install the APKs on your phone either by downloading them directly via browser or transferring them from your PC.

If You Are Running Android 12

Open Settings > Apps & Notifications. Tap on Special App Access and here you will find all apps who can install or sideload APKs for you. These would include browsers and file explorers. Enable the app through which you want to install the APK and you are good to go.

Install APK From APK Reservoir

After you have enabled this option, head over to our Games section and download your favorite games, install them and enjoy playing every game with zero restrictions. Lets us know in the comments below how much did you like the games you played.

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