Turbo Stars MOD APK v1.8.20 (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Have you always thought robots were a thing of the future? Think again because it has become cool and get ready to take part in robot arena games of Turbo Stars MOD APK. All you will need is the ‘ultimate robot’ tag, which can be obtained by collecting energy- and repairing parts, and then assembling a battle machine that will crush your opponents. This isn’t so easy, though. It takes time to obtain currency and parts with much higher demand in the marketplace. Participate in PVP and PVE battles. You will face AI and human players who want to beat you down. The game has various challenges you must complete before rolling to the next level. You will have the freedom to go around the shop and upgrade your character parts like weapons, armor, energy, and repair parts, and join battles against the Robots!

NameTurbo Stars MOD APK
PublisherSayGames LTD
Google Play LinkDownload From Google Play
RequiresAndroid 7.0 And Above
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Cars, Coins, All Game Modes Unlocked
Updated2 Days Ago
Rating On Google Play4.2
Rating Count on Google Play1,028,618
PriceUSD 0
Turbo Stars APK MOD Unlimited Money

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Turbo Stars MOD APK Introduction

Turbo Stars is a strategy game in which you need to be a master of turn-based combat and build your ultimate robot. Before you begin the game, you will have the opportunity to modify your favorite Robo. You can balance stats for each part, like speed, strength, and agility. 

You can also customize shields with different abilities. This is an easy way to separate one unit into multiple units or create custom robots. With your super-cool vehicles and endless tracks, there are also various challenges you are required to complete. You can go to the shop and buy different parts, just like weapons and armor. You can even get energy and repair parts from other players or the tiny monsters on the map, but be warned – they won’t give these things out easily!

Turbo Stars MOD APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Turbo Stars APK MOD is easy to follow but tough to master. You will start with a small robot, known as an Assault Bot, and then you can upgrade it into a killing machine. You can choose one of the four types of bots, which are Assault Bot, Sniper Bot, Heavy Bot, or Support Bot. The game is designed by the folks who go by the name SayGames LTD. You can check their profile here.

Your vehicle will become stronger at every level you reach. Turbo Stars MOD APK 2023 is filled with exciting and odd characters, which will make you laugh as you destroy your opponents in the arena. If you are new, then don’t worry – there is a tutorial to help you remember how to play. You can also earn currency by getting points at PVP or PVE battles or by achieving certain targets in the game. This will help you upgrade your character parts and weapons or buy new ones from the shop.

Turbo Stars MOD APK Features

A very different setting and a pretty unique experience we must say. Turbo Stars MOD APK 2023 is set in space and the racing experience is pleasantly surprising. Interested to know more? Read below the major features of the game before getting started.

Live sounds

Sounds are what make this game so fun. If you enjoyed Kongregate’s ‘Robot Evolution,’ you will experience similar fun here. With some of the best sounds, you would have a burst while recreating this game! Every unit has exceptional sound effects. For example, the Heavy Bot has a very loud yet destructive weapon.

Reach up to 9999 Level

If you are making a strategy game, then you will have to start from scratch. Don’t worry if you need to restart your level repeatedly. Player can literally get up to all 9999 levels! You can start performing on your machine in the blue yard. You can get to this level by either raising your ranking or buying it with real money. Once you reach this level, then you have all the time in the world to enjoy this game as much as possible.

Turbo Stars APK MOD

Bonus Levels

When you reach a certain level in the game, you will be rewarded with an awesome bonus level. Furthermore, these bonus levels will not be available to you once your current level is over. So make sure that you enjoy yourself in the game.

Variety of Weapons

You can equip your Assault Bot with a wide variety of weapons. For example, you can equip it with a super high-powered laser or even a small shotgun. What kind of weapon will help you win is up to you. So make up your own strategies! Really want to use weapons and take it to next level? Try Demolition Derby 3 MOD APK. It truly is next level when it comes to weaponry.

Beautiful Graphics in Turbo Stars MOD APK

The graphics are awesome! They are quite close to the cartoon look, which makes the game look very interesting – especially for kids. The color and design of the characters will surely make you excited about playing this game.

Customize Your Robot

There is a very big distinction between being a good player and a grand player. You can customize and design your own robot with various options. So if you want to, then you can modify and upgrade your weapon or your body parts or any other thing. You can develop an entirely new type of robot!

Various Locations in Turbo Stars MOD APK 2023

There are many different environments in the game. You will tour different planets and play on different construction sites. It is fun to see the different places in the game because everything looks so cool. You will fall in love with this great game!

Latest Version

Unlimited Coins

If you want to get any item or upgrade your weapon, you will be unable to do so if you do not have the required coins. But don’t worry about our Turbo Stars MOD APK Unlimited Coins because you will get infinite coins!

Unlimited Lives

You do not have to buy lives in the game. Instead, you will get them free of cost. You will be able to play as much as you want without buying any life for your robot or yourself. The game will run without any problems. Real Drift Car Racing MOD APK is another game with unlimited lives. Play as many times you like.

Unlimited Score in Turbo Stars MOD APK

When you play the game, you may see that the score is not as high as it should be. You won’t get the required score needed to get a higher level in the game. This is because you don’t have enough coins or lives to do so. But now, with our mod, you will be able to get unlimited scores and climb up the levels you want to!

All Vehicles Unlocked

There are many different vehicles in the game. But if you do not have the needed coins, you will be unable to buy these vehicles. With Turbo Stars MOD APK All Vehicles Unlocked, you can unlock all of them with only a few clicks!

Turbo Stars MOD APK Video

Our Experience With Turbo Stars MOD APK

This is the part where we present our findings about the MOD we offer. Our team tests the MOD in detail, try all the features and install it on different devices to check compatibility and game play etc. We make sure the APK we present works flawlessly on Android devices and delivers on all fronts. We do this testing in house so that our readers can go ahead and install it without any apprehension. Read below what we found about this MOD.

We love games where you can design your fighter or upgrade your weapon and robots as per your choice. We have played many games like this, but Turbo Stars Android Game MOD APK Latest Version is quite dissimilar from other games. It is not a regular game, or it is not a boring game either. The illustrations are excellent, and the textures are very great. Overall the game has some amazing features which you don’t find in another game like this. After all this detail we are positive you are getting started with this game right away, and you should. The game is plenty fun and interesting and you are going to have a great time for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does this mod give unlimited lives?

A. Yes, you do not need to buy lives to play this game because you will get plenty of them free of cost.

Q. Does this mod help to unlock all planets in the game?

A. Yes, you will be able to explore all the planets of the game with this mod.

Q. Can we use this mod on Android 4.1 or higher?

A. It has been tested on Android 4.0 and higher versions, but we do not guarantee that it will work on all the older devices without any problems.

Q. Are they in-game iAPs?

A. It does not have any in-app purchases. The mod is used to save data from the game, so it doesn’t have iAPs.


Turbo Stars MOD APK has been our top choice in the category of robot arena strategy games. The game is really impressive, and it also comes with a very interesting storyline. We think that you will definitely like this game as well. If you have problems with the game, you can install this mod to make the game 100% unlocked. So whether you want to experience some intense action or enjoy the game’s story, Turbo Stars MOD is the right choice for you. You should download it right now. You might want to check out Dr Driving 2 MOD APK while this game downloads.

{ "@context": "https://schema.org", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [ { "@type": "Question", "name": "Does this mod give unlimited lives?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Yes, you do not need to buy lives to play this game because you will get plenty of them free of cost." } }, { "@type": "Question", "name": "Does this mod help to unlock all planets in the game?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Yes, you will be able to explore all the planets of the game with this mod." } }, { "@type": "Question", "name": "Can we use this mod on Android 4.1 or higher?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "It has been tested on Android 4.0 and higher versions, but we do not guarantee that it will work on all the older devices without any problems." } }, { "@type": "Question", "name": "Are they in-game iAPs?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "It does not have any in-app purchases. The mod is used to save data from the game, so it doesn’t have iAPs." } } ] } { "@context": "http://schema.org/", "@type": "Table", "@id": "#table", "description": "Information Table For Turbo Stars MOD APK", "url": "https://apkreservoir.com/turbo-stars-mod-apk/#table", "name": "Turbo Stars MOD APK" } { "@context": "https://schema.org", "@type": "SoftwareApplication", "name": "Turbo Stars MOD APK", "operatingSystem": "ANDROID", "applicationCategory": "https://schema.org/GameApplication", "aggregateRating": { "@type": "AggregateRating", "ratingValue": "4.2", "ratingCount": "1028618" }, "offers": { "@type": "Offer", "price": "0", "priceCurrency": "USD" } }
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